Thinking Of Breeding

Information needed when Thinking Of Breeding from your dog


Welcome to After spending many hours on dog forums answering questions regarding breeding from a pet dog (be it dog or bitch) I found I was answering the same questions over and over again, so I thought that it must mean there is a lack of generic or accurate information out there. Hence, my deciding in starting up a website where this information can be found... on one screen. I do hope that some of the information I can offer on here will help to guide people in the right direction with regarding: Breeding from your Bitch, Offering Your dog at Stud, Care of the Brood Bitch,Care of the Stud Dog, Raising of Puppies and most importantly: How to find Good Homes for Your Pups.

Now, Disclaimer: I am not a vet, nor have I had any veterinary training. My advice is purely that, advice/ educational, and should not take the place of a qualified Vet when problems occur. They do (should) know what to do in an emergency and it is paramount that veterinary attention is sought. I take no responsibility for your dogs or puppies whether you use the advice/ content on this site.

I offer my advice in good faith that it is used towards responsible breeding, for the betterment of the breed in general.

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